New Orleans Becomes a Technology Hub

new orleans becomes technology hub

New Orleans has always been a little behind the times.  We like it that way.  We talk slower, we move slower, we enjoy our coffee and chicory a little slower. We have seen some major changes in that lifestyle in the past few years.  New Orleans is quickly becoming the technology hub of the South.

NOLA – The Transition to Digital

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans saw a huge influx of younger, more aggressive types come to the area.  We have seen the younger generations moving out of the largest metro markets.  Cities like Boston has seen people move because of the high prices of Boston real estate.  Many initially came here to help out, then fell in love with the city.  The low cost of living and the low barrier of entry to buying a home has kept them here. Quite a few of these “implants” now call New Orleans home.


We don’t think that is bad at all.  With the influx of the newer generations into the city, we have also seen a huge increase in technology and marketing for the city overall.  Keep in mind, New Orleans was one of the very last cities in the country to have their local newspaper – the Time Picayune, stay profitable.  That meant that not only were people here still reading the newspaper, but advertisers were seeing a return on investment in print ads.  Even with print advertisement staying profitable in NOLA, we still saw the newspaper move away from daily publications and move their focus to their online newspaper.

New Orleans Becomes Technology Hub of the South

New Orleans has quickly become a technology hub for the South.  With technology quickly becoming a growth industry, NOLA has become on the most sough after locations to start a technology based company.  With the low cost of living coupled with the (now) solid technology based workforce and the inexpensive housing (even luxury new Orleans homes) technology companies find little reason to go elsewhere.

Web Development Companies

NOLA has seen a tremendous increase in the number of website development companies.  It wasn’t too long ago, to find a capable website developer in the South, you would have to look to Atlanta or Houston.  Now, we see some of the most talented web developers right here in New Orleans.  If you are looking for world class website development, NOLA now has a surplus.

Medical Technology

New Orleans has seen a ton of new medical industries enter the city from major medical complexes to urgent care facilities and rehabilitation centers.  Today, any medical facility brings with it the need for technology infrastructure and maintenance.  Not only does it provide solid technology jobs, but Louisiana benefits from the medical industry in a variety of ways.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has taken the advertising world by storm.  Although the largest names in Digital Marketing are Google and Facebook and neither are located in Louisiana, the people that specialize in maximizing those platforms are right here in the city.  Although anyone can market their business using Google or Facebook — most have realized that it takes a professional Digital Marketing company to truly be successful.  We now have the best of the best right here in New Orleans.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is having your website show up in organic results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Although SEO has been around a long time, historically we have only seen the larger companies spend their marketing dollars on this type of Digital Marketing because it is generally a much longer term strategy.  In addition, it is hard to find SEO agencies with the skills and systems in place to beat out the big companies for that first page of Google.  All of that is changing.  It is a unusually thing to be able to meet personally with an SEO GURU, since most live in different cities around the world.  Today, New Orleans has some of the top SEO companies around.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App or Application development is another new thing to New Orleans.  If you have an idea and want to have it developed and placed on the Android or iPhone app store — New Orleans is sure to have someone who can get that done for you.  One locally developed app — which was not only built in NOLA but is for touring our famous French Quarter is TourApp.  This New Orleans bread technology uses your phones GPS and video capabilities to tour navigate you through our beautiful city.

NOLA Is Changing

We all need to accept it.  Whether we like it or not…New Orleans is changing.  Good news is, our kids wont have to move out of Louisiana to get a good job in the technology field.