My Urgent Care Experience

urgent care

I recently had the unfortunate mishap of almost cutting my finger off while preparing one of my gourmet meals. At first, I thought I would take care of it myself, but after an enormous amount of blood, which I could not stop, I decided to go see a health care professional.

Now, I live in NOLA, New Orleans for those of you not from the South, but at this time I was at a friend of mines home in Covington LA.  Within New Orleans, I can tell you where all of the emergency rooms are, but I felt at a serious disadvantage being on the Northshore and in need of medical treatment.

Urgent Care Within Walking Distance

My buddy suggested that I go to the Covington Urgent Care as opposed to visiting one of the two hospitals that they have in the Covington/Mandeville area St. Tammany Hospital or Lakeview Regional Medical Center.   In NOLA, the last thing you want to do is WALK to an emergency room bleeding….the sharks would smell the blood and you would surly at least loose your wallet, but this was on the Northshore.  I had personally never been to an urgent care, but were aware of their existence.  This particular clinic was within walking distance of my friends home so as they say “when in Rome”.  So as I was bleeding profusely, we walked a couple blocks to the urgent care clinic.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have to wait in line, I was seen almost immediately.  This was a different experience than I was used to since being used to visiting emergency rooms in NOLA is at least a 12 hour process.

My Experience at the Urgent Care

I checked in and was almost immediately sent to see the nurse.  She was quite pleasant even asking about what I was cooking when I mutilated my finger.  After she documented my situation, a Dr. came in to see me withing about 5 minuets.  At this point I felt like I had slipped into another dimension on where healthcare workers actually felt as if they needed to please their patients.  This was a very different experience that what I recall as the personal hell of visiting a New Orleans emergency room.  I was so taken aback by the pleasantness of my experience that I almost forgot I had lost part of one of my favorite digits and was becoming weak from loss of blood.  Maybe it was the blood loss, but my first experience at an urgent care was becoming the highlight of the evening.

New Way To Treat Emergencies

My total time spent in the urgent care in Covington was about an hour and a half.  That was everything from checking in, to being assessed by the nurse to being consulted by the doctor and eventually stitches sowing up my mutilated appendage.  We were walking back to enjoy our gourmet meal in short order.  As a general rule, I don’t write about events like this…getting injured and being forced to seek medical care, but this experience was an eye opener.  I was used to being herded like cattle and treated as if I were lucky to be seen at all, but this was an entirely new world of quality healthcare I was happy to have found.  Needless to say, I hope to not have to visit any doctors in the near future, but if something does come up where I am in need of medical services, I will now take advantage of the urgent care clinics as opposed to emergency room.  Its not too often that getting stitches can be a pleasurable experience, and overall I wish it hadn’t happened, but I cant speak highly enough about the people at MHM Urgent care.